Six Degrees of Navigation Adventure Race

July 26, 2008 - Teanaway Valley, Washington

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2008 Results

Race Director: Debbie Newell
Course Design: Dave Tallent
Marker Placement: Dave Tallent, Debbie Newell, Don Atkinson, Eileen Breseman, Fred Veler
CP Monitors: Harry Morgan, Marjorie Stratton, Bob Stratton
Marker Pickup: Dave Tallent, Harry Morgan, Bob Stratton
Food Delivery: Ann Davis

Splits (Excel file)

Long Course (41k, 47 controls, 860m climb)

Team Cat. Time Final
Julie Heidt, Matt Hays
2C 5:35:07 5:35:07
Solo Dozer
Nelson Yu
1M 6:02:59 6:02:59 Miss
Roger Michel, Yumay Chang
2C 6:15:52 6:15:52 2
Kimberley Shavender, Miles Ohlrich
2C 6:22:23 6:22:23
A Hippo
Peteris Ledins
1M 6:34:29 6:34;29
Team Bro
Darian Davis, Chris Gerard
2M 7:39:46 7:39:46
Murray & Me
Murray Maitland, Lisa Maitland
2C 7:48:46 7:48:46
Drop Zone
Clay Runnels, Tom Haeck, Robert Foster
3M 8:00:21 8:00:21
Dr. Strangelove
Barry Teschlog
1M 8:21:13 8:21:13
Missed Links
Robin Smith, Eric Abraham, Clif Lyles
3M 8:38:20* 8:38:20
George Sisson, Ben Orth
2M 9:40:28 9:40:28
Extreme Detour
Don Willits
1M 10:22:55 10:22:55
Drill in ANWR!
Steve Lowe, Mike Lowe



*Punched CP31 instead of CP27

Short Course (32k, 36 controls, 540m climb)
Joel Yeager, Justin Yeager
2M 4:17:29 0:7:16 credit** 4:11:13
Franks without the Beans
Tim Franks, Barry Franks
2M 5:24:27   5:24:27
Team Marmot
Mark Earley, Paul Trautman
2M 8:21:16 8:21:16
Crazy Moment
Susan Anderson, Teresa Schoonejans
2F 8:21:19   8:21:19
Tamaira Ross, Steve Montgomery




** was instructed to do only one segment of memory o'. They returned between the trek and river
trek to complete the task and have been credited with the additional time required to divert to the special test location

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