Ski-O Training
Hosted by the Summit at Snoqualmie Nordic Center

January 16, 2010

A Ski-Orienteering Training Activity (cross country skiing and orienteering) will take place at the Nordic Center at the Summit at Snoqualmie (Summit East Base) on Saturday, January 16th from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Course Setter: Oyvind Naess

Please send an e-mail to me (Oyvind) by Wednesday, January 13 if you are attending so the correct number of maps can be printed. If you don’t e-mail me, there is no guarantee that there will be a map for you. A donation of $1 per map is encouraged.

Trail Pass
You will have to purchase your own trail pass ($17/adult for full day) at the Nordic Center Lodge (labeled Summit East Base Area on trail map).

Map Pickup
Maps will have to be picked up between 9:00am and 10:00am at the Nordic Center Lodge (labeled Summit East Base Area on trail map). The control markers will be taken down at 1:00pm.

See the Nordic Trail map for locations.


  • Ski equipment
  • Map bag with a neck string (remember, both hands are used for the ski poles)
  • Pen and paper

Start/Finish Location
Grand Junction (see Trail Map for location). There is a warming hut here.
Be sure to pick up your map and trail pass as described above. There will be no maps at the start/finish.

The course is open from 9:00am to 1:00pm (control markers will be taken down at 1:00pm). See the trail map for location of Nordic Center Lodge (Summit East Base Area), the Silver Fir Chairlift, and Grand Junction. The lodge/parking is at elevation 2610 feet, the top of the Silver Fir Lift is at 3865 feet, and Grand Junction is at 3400 feet.

Directions to Start/Finish
You can ski up the hill to the top and follow the signs to Grand Junction. You can take the free shuttle bus or drive your car to the bottom of the Silver Fir Chairlift, or ski up to the Lower Crossover Trail and down to the Silver Fir Chairlift (see trail map). At the top of the Silver Fir Chairlift, follow signs to Nordic Trail and follow trail to Grand Junction. The trail day pass includes two lift rides on the Silver Fir Chairlift.

You may want to bring a watch so you can time yourself, as there will be nobody to record start and finish times. There will be a “results sheet” in the warming hut where you can record your own finish time and control letters.

After the event, enjoy some more skiing on the 50 kilometers of groomed trails!

The final course length is yet to be determined. There will only be one map and one course, but it will be designed so you can ski a ½ or a full course. The full course length will be approximately 8-10km (½ course is approx. 5km). All controls will be on the trail network between Grand Junction and Union Station. No controls will be on the Hidden Valley Trail, Cold Creek Trail, or Mt. Catherine loop. The highest point of the Ski-O course is 3680 feet and the lowest is 3380 feet.

We will not use standard orienteering controls. There will be a streamer with a controls number and a letter that you will have to write down (bring a pen and paper).

You are not allowed to ski the wrong way on a one-way ski trail. Obey all rules of the ski area.


  • You will have to buy your own trail pass. Adult Trail Pass (full day) is $17.
  • Skiing is at your own risk. Obey all rules of the ski area. See Trail Map Link: Skiers Code and Washington State Law are listed on the bottom of the map.
  • The event will take place at the top of the ski area. You will have to get down! Using the chair lifts to get down is not allowed. Please review the trail map and determine if your skiing ability is such that you can safely ski the trail system. If you have never cross-country skied before, then this training event is not for you!
  • Any questions? E-mail Oyvind Naess

Last update: January 13, 2010

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