Union Bay, Seattle
August 17, 2008

Meet Director:  Jim Siscel
Course Setter:  Rick Hood
Registration:  Linda Hood, Ardis Dull, Terry Farah
Starts/Finishes:  Rick Hood, Elizabeth Hood, Ardis Dull
Marker Pickup:  Rick Hood

You could say this was the Hood Family Presented Canoe O' Meet.  
The weather was perfect:  not too sunny, not too breezy, and not too 
hot. This was highest number of starts and participation that 
Cascade has ever had at a Canoe O'. There were 36 starts and 72 
participants. One vessel missed completing the 8 Control course by 
one control, therefore (7). Two vessels missed completing the 11 
Control course by one control, therefore (10).


5 Controls
Bone, Margie (7)                  COC       42:00

8 Controls
Kimberly Shavender (10)           COC       79:40

11 Controls
Eric Bone                         COC       46:54
Don Atkinson                      COC       53:02
Miles Ohlrich                     COC       58:10


Jared Roach, Colleen Sheridan/
    Kyle Sheridan                 COC       84:30


5 Controls
Peter, Ava, Eric Golde            COC       50:24

8 Controls
David, Terry Barbe                          48:20
Cathy Griffin, Cole & Jackie
	Ritmire                       COC       55:40
Connie & Stephanie Senescall,
	Erin Putnam                             64:00
Patrick, Deanta Kelly             COC       64:06
Paul Siscel, Gwen McCullough                60:30

11 Controls
Del, Erik Scharffenberg           CROC      42:05
Roger Michel/Yumay Chang          COC       51:59
Rick Breseman/Mike Klinge         COC       56:04
Heather Whitney/Virginia Engel    COC       57:59
Steve, Jeff Haines                          59:10
Nich Graan, Lowel Schaffner
	Michael Radin                 COC       60:32
Jake Reeder, Greg Sheldon         COC       61:43
Robert Henry, Lee Foote, Clarissa
	Henry                         COC       61:55
Eileen, Kelsey Breseman           COC       62:10
   Awarded First Muddiest Punch Card Award
Dave, Molly, Maddie Enger         SAMM      63:20
Valerie, Will Enger               SAMM      63:50
Steve Frederickson/Fred Stafford  COC       64:10
Frank, Nina Sandoval                        68:30
Patrick Nuss, Gina Pricco         COC       70:57
Phil Stradling                    COC       73:15
Jennifer, Chris Geray             COC       77:24
Ryan Hoel, Jenny Pearson          COC       83:42
Bob, Kathy Forgrave               COC       87:25
Joseph Spencer, Becky Forgrave    COC       95:08
Nancy, Kirk Devine                COC       96:10
Greg, Emmett Barnes               COC      103:16
Terry Farrah, Omar Barnes         COC      120:10
  Awarded Second Muddiest Punch Card Award
Jill, Naomi, Nathan Klinge        COC      121:30
Thomas, Andrew Spencer            COC      138:38

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