Ballard Bike-O

Meet Director: Pat Kelly
Course Setter: Pat Kelly

Much thanks to Ben Hall, Terry Farrah, and Eric Bone
for helping run the meet, and to Don Atkinson for 
bringing the supplies.

We had 25 groups for a total of about 50 participants. 
It was good to see many newcomers.

Course 1 (6 Controls)
Dalia Roshal & Family (Rochester NY)    25:43
Kay & Dick Olsen                        39:35
Kara Skagg & Jenny Johnson              41:41

Dave Petty                              25:08
Ken Lew                                 30:08
Adele Stevens & Marilyn Mickalak        47:41

Course 2 (11 Controls)
DeForest Eveland (10 controls)          67:34
April Hamlin (9 controls)              171:00

Eugen Groff (11 controls)               48:44
Harvey Friedman(9 controls)            110:56

Scramble (21 Controls)
Alex McLeod (21 controls)               41:42
Eric Bone (20 controls)                 30:40*
Ben Hall (19 controls)                  35:15**
Kean Williams (18 controls)             54:46

Wheel of Fortune (8 Town Names - see below)
Jonathan Elgart                         31:18
Doug Sprugel                            48:42
Lisa & John                             89:48
Deb & Megan Baker                       90:45
Dick & Kay Olsen                        91:52
Brian Crawford                         104:53
Jimmy Schulz                           118:05
Don Atkinson (7 correct)                65:30
Terry Farrah (6 correct)                48:45

Sandy K. Miller, Father & Jennifer     144:11

The towns were: Manitowoc WI,Tucumcari NM, Bogalusa LA,
Winnemucca NV,Pocatello ID,Kokomo IN, Punxsutawney PA,
and Schenectady NY

Dick & Kim (no results)

*Eric was awarded 3 minutes for discovering and
re-hanging a misplaced control.

** Ben visited all of the points, but switched
the boxes for and H. He claims that he was going
so fast around the corners that he was tilted
horizontal to the ground. Thus the I looked like
an H and vice versa. I'm sure he and Alex will have
many joyful discussions about who really won.

Last update: August 19, 2005

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