Rattlesnake Lake
North Bend, June 12

About 50 newcomers joined us at Rattlesnake Lake on
Mountains to Sound Greenway Discovery Days.  It seems
that most of them learned about the event through the
Discovery Days publicity. A few regulars came, also, 
to check out the new map completed by Mike Schuh and
Eric Bone. The park was quite busy; there was also a
multi-sport race that involved at least paddling and biking,
and several participants thought our registration table was
a race checkpoint. A few casual passers-by decided to do a
course, and one Swedish-American fellow stopped in just to
pick up a Cascade event schedule.

Eric Bone set up the event with the Discovery Days people
and set the courses. Many thanks to Mike Schuh for clinics
and to Libby & Don Dermenstein for registration, start, and
finish. We look forward to having more meets in this
beautiful lakeside green space.

Course 1 (0.4k, 7 controls (untimed))
Deanta Kelly
Kevin, Clare, & Nicole Godbout
  and Karen Keeley
Mel, Deb, Dylan, & Reilly Morgan
Thomas Schmoe, Martha Willard, & Ella Willard-Schmoe
Aurelia Sequoia
Janet Kautz
Steve Russell
Ruth Neilson
Nancy & Alex Anderson
Scott, Alex, & Mike Honn

Course 2 (1.4k, 11 controls)
Ken Lew                      16:00
Willard-Schmoe family        22:00
Scott, Alex, & Mike Honn     24:25
Bob & Pat Reddick            25:40
Mark A. Bingham              26:20
Steve Russell                29:34
Reilly & Deb Morgan          31:18
Ruth Neilson                 31:34
Janet Kautz                  31:34
Mel& Dylan Morgan            32:25
Nancy & Alex Anderson        35:09
Pat & Deanta Kelly           51:20
Steven & Annette Alexander   untimed
Aurela Sequoia               untimed

Course 3 (1.6k, 10 controls)
Mike Schuh                   15:55
Ken Lew                      27:10
Libby Dermenstein            30:53
Don Dermenstein              32:35
Scott, Alex, & Mike Honn     40:26
Ruth & Steve Neilson         42:00
Janet Kautz                  42:00
Kevin, Clare, & Nicole
  Godbout and Karen Keeley   43:38
Bruce McAlister              47:05
Pat & Deanta Kelly           55:48
Ted & Winston Chen (bike)    38:43

Courses 1 + 2 + 3
Rick Breseman                27:15
Eileen Breseman              29:32

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