Ballard Bike-O
July 11, 2004

Meet Director: Eugen Groff
Course Setter: Patrick Kelly (Design)/ Eugen Groff
Registration: Harvey Friedman
Start/Finish: Jim Siscel, Susan Parker, Terry Farrah, Mike Schuh
Control Pickup: Cheryl Marek, Mike Schuh, Eugen Groff

Weather: cloudy and mild in the beginning, very sunny in the end

Different Control System: white-orange cardboard posters 
with big letters (like “S”) on them, tied to telephone poles.
No punching, just writing down the letters on the “punch”card

Thanks to all for joining,
Eugen Groff

Course 1 (2.7k, 5 controls)
Julie Corman, Duncan + 
  Kevin Mitchell               10:13
Mario Enriquez                 14:11
Terry Farrah                   16:40
Steve Baker                    63:26
Kathy Little                   66:41
Terri Smith-Weller, 
  Sam and Julian Weller        DNF-Flat Tire

Course 2 (6.8k, 9 controls)
Borman/Mitchell/Mitchell       22:58
Roy Colven                     44:46
Peter Sprugel/Jordan Spencer   49:33
P. Osterholm                   94:56

Cheryl Marek                   42:30
Sandy Kish Miller              48:49
Susan Parker                   54:52
Ardis Dull                     55:58
Dave Petty                     58:55
Ken Lew                        66:52
Libby Dermenstein              68:29

Course 3 (Freestyle, 20 controls,
  no time limit)
20 controls
Ben Hall                       47:25 
Dave Enger                     53:41   
Janet Roach                    61:23
Mario Enriquez                 68:46
Gaylord                        78:27   
Molly, Will, Madeleine Enger   88:53
Steve Layman                   92:08
Marcia and Andrew Lupton       97:29
Nancy and Vincent Horiuchi    106:43

19 controls
Eric Bone                      42:53

Course 4 (Wheel of Fortune, 21 controls,
  no time limit)
You had to visit as many controls and
write down as many letters as needed to
figure out 5 specific expressions (all 
somewhat connected to Ballard).

Alex MacLeod                   16:12
Roy Calven                     26:07
Jean Davis/Don Stonack         31:20
Doug Sprugel                   33:22
Rebecca Slivka/Louise McGrody  37:50
Janet Roach                    39:33
Don Denbo                      42:49
Don Atkinson                   46:14
Dave Dummeyer                  61:17
Teresa and Mike Cook           62:16
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