Ballard Bike-O
September 7

Meet Director: Harvey Friedman
Course Designer: Pat Kelly
Course Vetter: Harvey Friedman
Registration: Pat Kelly
Timing: Harvey Friedman

The overcast day kept the temperature low but it probably
also scared away all the other folks disappointed that 
they couldn't go to the canceled meet in Teanaway area 
the previous day. Course designer Pat Kelly has ideas 
for another interesting novelty course for next year's
bike-O so don't miss it. It's fun. Ask anyone who has 
tried it.

Course 1 (3+ km, 6 controls)
no entrants

Course 2 "Cherchez les churches" (5.8 km, 9 controls)
As the name suggests, only churches were used as 
controls for this course.
Eugen Groff             35:06      foot
Dave Parsons+1          39:01      bike+trailer
Pat Kelly               39:50      foot
Sabina Havkins/Pam Roy  50:02      bikes
Dave Petty              68:07      foot
Ken Lew                 71:37      foot

Course 3 (any 12 of 19 possible)
Kean Williams           51:33      foot

Course 4 (all 19 in any order)
Eric Bone               42:50      bike
Jon Campbell            57:22      bike
Eileen Breseman         66:02      bike
Rod Sternagel           66:43      bike
Tori Campbell           68:44      bike
Craig Sternagel         73:44      bike
Lee Eggebroten          89:26      bike

Last update: October 8, 2003

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