Carkeek Park, Seattle
August 24, 2002

Meet directors: Terry Farrah/Bill Cusworth
Courses: Eric Bone
Event setup: Ali Woolwich
Registration: Mark Ellison-Taylor
Start: Anna Urbanova, Jan Urban
Finish: Eugen Groff, Kean Williams
Control Pickup: Eugen Groff, Eric Bone,
  Terry Farrah, Kean Williams

A fine sunny August day for this meet. Although Eric,
arriving a tad late with the maps, was hanging controls
for course 3 with runners at his heels, and some course
3 runners complained about brambly bits, the meet was a
general success. It worked well for us to hold
registration at the southeast corner of the park --
parking was fairly easy, and the spot was uncrowded -- 
though we did shell out $100 for a portable toilet
since there were no permanent ones nearby. It was
delightful to have guests from Ireland, including
Conor Short (M10) and Ruairi Short (M14) who ran very
well on courses 1 and 2, and Ruth Lynam who narrowly beat
Cascade's Debbie Newell for top women's score on course 3.
 -- Terry Farrah

Course 1 (7 controls, 1.2k)
Dave & Joe Kirkendall        COC     15:02
Anna Urbanova                COC     16:56
Barb Headley                         17:33
Conor Short                  IRL     18:09
Kim Praker/Robb Charnack             18:56
Kim, Kayla, & Tim Linscott           20:45
Beth & Maddie                SAMM    34:17
Emer Dodley                          35:18
Ali Woolwich & Tara                  59:08
  (includes 20" blackberry break)
Doug Hathaway                COC     map hike

Course 2 (12 controls, 3.2k)
Ruairi Short                 IRL     39:44
Jan, Anna, & Matej Urban     COC     40:00
Barb Headley                         46:00
Eric & Stuart Hobbs                  46:25
Harvey Friedman              COC     51:06
Kim Prater & Robb Charnock           64:16
Michael Odom et al                   69:05
Brian Linscott                       80:40
Ellie & John Rogers          SAMM    86:52
Robert Levinson                     117:05
Doug Hathaway                COC     map hike

Course 3 (12 controls, 4.5k)
Jan Urban                    COC     45:13
Eugen Groff                  COC     47:00
Kean Williams                COC     53:26
David Tallent                COC     53:38
Ruth Lynam                   IRL     57:04
Debbie Newell                COC     57:09
Don Atkinson                 COC     60:22
Matej Urban                          63:28
Anneliese Steuben            COC     65:32
Don Short                    IRL     69:49
Rob Short                    IRL     69:50
Mike Schuh                   COC     70:00
Don Denbo                    COC     70:32
Mark Ellison-Taylor                  83:25
Ardis Dull                   COC     86:05
Dave Petty                   COC     90:00
Terry Farrah                 RMOC      MSP (#8)

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