Bike-O, Ballard
July 21, 2002

Meet Director/Course Design:  Harvey Friedman 
Start/Finish:  Anne York
Control Pickup:  Harvey Friedman, Anne York

Having the registration/start/finish/socialization
area at the SW corner of the Ballard Community Center
block on NW 60th St. & 28th Ave. NW was so pleasant
that 5 of the 18 people who participated last summer
returned for more. Thanks to the Sprugel family and
their friends, we set a new attendance record for
bike-O with a grand total of 29 people who did at
least 1 course.  Pat Kelly did the ironman stint,
bicyling the longest course and then running the
6 km. course. Ken Lew demonstrated that we only get
better with age as he improved from 57:10 last year
to 56:45 this year for same course. All 4 courses
visited the Nordic Heritage Museum but each had a
different question to answer since there are 5 flags
(of the 5 Nordic countries) painted on the west wall.
More people named the flag wrong than any other
question, although some definitely had the wrong
intersection on other legs. Maybe next year we can
have a 5-minute penalty for each wrong answer. For
those who think that the hydrant color question
was too easy, I saw green, blue, red, and yellow
painted hydrants when picking controls for these

Harvey Friedman  -- meet director 

Course 1 (3 km, 3 controls)
Charlie & kids(+2)                21:41
Peter Sprugel & friends (+3)      44:46

Course 2 (6 km, 6 controls)
Doug Sprugel                      30:34
Tony Amort family (+3)            54:47
Madeline & Valerie Enger          55:06
Markus Foerster/Marlene Mathison  58:51

On Foot
Pat Kelly                         38:01
Cheryl Marek                      40:24
Ken Lew                           56:45

Course 3  (9 km, 9 controls)
Don Atkinson                      38:10
Will Enger                        45:14

On Foot
Eugen Groff                       38:50

Course 4 (12 km, 12 controls)
Dave Enger                        42:25
Pat Kelly                         43:26
John Mann                         47:36
Roland & Natasha Mueller          62:29
Ron Brown                         70:51
Mike Drouillard (+1)         fun riders

On Foot
Kean Williams                     67:51

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