University of Washington Canoe-O
July 22, 2001

Meet Director/Course Design: Don Atkinson

Marker number 7 on the canoe-o course was on
a branch protruding from a log at the head of
a narrow inlet. At some point towards the end
of the event, it broke off and the marker
was lying just under the water surface. So
contestants who arrived there in the last 15
minutes or so lost time looking for it.
Don Atkinson -- meet director
Course 1 (8 controls)
Larry Eich                  46:57
Bill Alleman                49:00
M.J. Eich                   53:32
Breseman Family             56:20
Dave Reynolds               60:40
Carol Nagy                  65:00
Marge Bone/K & P Sprugel    68:00
Kean Williams               70:57
Doug Sprugel/Nick Reichert  72:00
Bill & Chris Reichert       72:00
P & D Kelly, J Schultz      75:00
Eric Riggers                81:00
Jim & Karen Siscel          85:00
Matt Wilson                135:00
Hood family              Map Hike
Hull Family              Map Hike

Land O (2.8Km, 8 controls)
Bill Alleman                16:38
Dave Parsons                17:20
Larry Eich                  19:40
Ardis Dull                  25:14
Curtis Creager              27:27
Ginny Alleman               29:40
Ken Lew                     34:40
Harvey Friedman             37:38
Bob and Pat Reddick         60:00

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