Ballard Bike-O
August 19, 2001

Meet Director/Course Design: Harvey Friedman
Start/Finish: Harvey Friedman, Anne York
Control Pickup: Harvey Friedman, Anne York

After a hiatus of roughly 10 years, Cascade Orienteering
Club again offered a bicycle-O meet on our Ballard Bike-O
map (which was produced in 1982). Due to the Ballard
farmers' market occupying our traditional start/finish
in the bank parking lot, we met at the SW corner of the
Ballard Community Center block on NW 60th St. & 28th
Ave. NW under an aromatically-blossomed tree (no one
could identify it). A big advantage to this location
was that we could use the rest rooms in the community

Twelve individuals and 3 pairs took part either by bike
or on foot on this beautiful day. Permanent markers were
used such as the house number on the NE corner of an
intersection so people were required to carry a writing
instrument to answer the trivia question found at the
control location. This was a good exercise in
concentration because there were so many handrails but
relocation was difficult if one lost contact with the
location on the map.
Harvey Friedman -- meet director
Course 1 (3 km, 3 controls)
Else Raadal                 29:26  foot
Margie Bone                 38:29  foot

Course 2 (6 km, 6 controls)
Eugen Groff                 30:29  foot
Will Enger/Brian Collela    43:20  bikes
Ardis Dull                  47:48  foot
Ken Lew                     57:10  foot

Course 3 (9 km, 9 controls)
Eric Bone                   27:02
Oyvind Naess                29:40
Dave Enger                  34:48
Magne Raadal                35:05
Kean Williams               35:10
Targo Tennisberg            36:46
Don Denbo                   43:15
Sandy & Robert Miller       87:01  foot
Bill Cusworth/Heidi Bohn   114:02  foot

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