Union Bay Canoe-O (University of Washington)
August 27, 2000

All photos courtesy of Don Denbo.

Bill Alleman homes
in on a control
There's a lot of construction in the area
around Husky Stadium so large parts of the map are getting obsolete. And the best land part is now part of an ecology preserve where off trail use is not permitted. But it's still possible to thread a course through the remaining parts that are still more or less as mapped.
Land course 1  1.8 Km  7 controls
Joe Marquez                  24:40
Kathy Rowell                 24:48
Elaine Thomas, Jerry Graham  28:29
Land Course 2  3.1 Km  11 controls
Robert Miller                19:49
Eileen Breseman              21:19
Sandy Kish Miller            24:00
Kathy Rowell                 34:10
Curtis Creager               34:37
Bob and Pat Reddick          54:00
Logan Knowles w/Jennifer K   60:40

On the other hand, the canoeing area behind Foster
Island is essentially as mapped in 1988. Even the
water lily patches are more or less in the same
Greg Mueller punches a control.
Canoe Course  3 Km
All using rented UW canoes except
as noted. Self Timed.

Eileen and Rick Breseman     33:28
Bill Alleman                 33:46
  Paddling a windsurfer
Greg Mueller                 35:05
  Sea kayak  
Sandy K and Robert Miller    41:14
Kathy Rowell/Bill Cusworth   43:40
Peter and Beth Golde         44:05
Sprugel Family               44:29
Phil Nicolle, Don Denbo      44:32
Urban Family                 44:56
Peter Dempsey, M. Frisch     50:00
Targo Tennisberg             52:00
M.C. Bruno, Ardis Dull       54:32
Gary and Debra MacDonald     58:00
Giaever family               59:03
Elaine Thomas/Jerry Graham   64:00

Last update: September 10, 2000

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