Bo Powell Memorial - Woodland Park
September 11, 1999

Meet Director: Don Atkinson
Course Designer: Harvey Friedman
Registration: Rick Hood, Ardis Dull
Starts: Bruce McAllister
Finishes: Bill Cusworth
Marker pickup: Harvey Friedman
Park permit: Dave Tallent

The weather was ideal, with sunny skies and temperatures near 70, for the first annual Bo Powell Memorial Orienteering meet, held at Woodland Park on September 11.

Bo Powell, one of the founders of the Cascade Orienteering Club, died last year. Len Englund, another of the club's founders, urged the club to establish a meet in his memory, so this year the first annual Bo Powell Memorial Orienteering Meet was held at Woodland Park. Bo's widow, Kathy, generously donated his compass to the club. This compass was used to create the Bo Powell Memorial Trophy, which will be presented to the fastest finisher on the long course each year. The recipient will have his/her name engraved on the trophy and pass it along to the next year's winner. This year the trophy went to Cascade's Eric Bone, who finished the 3.4k course in 18:36.

Many thanks to the meet staff and everyone who helped with beginner instruction and other tasks.


Course 1 (1.1k, 7 controls)

Patricia Hawkins                12:52
Paula Royalty                   13:16
Gary Melveil                    14:47
Espen Skjeflo                   15:54
Patrick Clay                    19:05
Grace Mellow, Rick Sesse        21:39
Matej Urban/Angel Hubachek      21:48
Brianne Beets                   22:07
Robert Fergusen                 22:20
Barbara Bannfield               25:32
Elizabeth Hood                  34:29
Emma Howey                      42:08

Course 2 (1.7k, 9 controls)

Tony Latham                     13:57
Trey Buttler                    15:57
Gary McNeil                     19:50
Jim Doggett                     21:15
Paula Royalty                   22:46
Patricia Hawkins                26:40
Matej Urban/Angel Hubachek      26:50
Sophie Messing                  27:39
Annie Schwer/William Coury      30:50
Forgrave Kids                   34:27
Connie Amundson                 36:13
Brian and Rachael Davis         36:22
Alice Howey                     44:50
Kevin Davidson                  51:41
Gail Smith                      DNF

Course 3 (3.0k, 12 controls)

Matthew Brown/Ashley Matthews   24:03
Mike Deptuch                    24:58
Will Enger                      26:00
Targo Tennisburg                26:15
Bill Yost                       27:36
Roger Hull                      33:51
Christofferson Group            36:28
Paula Royalty                   37:50
Greg Latham                     42:36
Josh Velere/Steve Robeson       42:57
Christopher Rodgers             45:31
Zoth Olson                      50:27
Mark Woodring                   59:52
Brian and Rachael Davis         61:06
Angela Thurmond                 67:05
Elizabeth Hull                  67:53
Aaron Charlop                   70:31
Owen Howey                      74:55
Barbara Banfield                Maphike
S K Miller, Mary Sunderland     Maphike

Course 4 (3.4k, 14 controls)

Eric Bone                       18:36
Jan Urban                       19:43
Bill Cusworth                   20:11
Gunnar Skjeflo                  21:26
Dave Enger                      22:55
Sean Conto                      26:16
Tony Latham                     27:41
Mike Deptuch                    27:37
Ardis Dull                      27:59
Gardner Hensill/Scott Robeson   30:05
Michael Pope                    30:14
Patrick Kelly                   31:39
Roger Rosenblatt                32:06
Grace Mellon, Rock Jesse        32:48
Jenny Pearson                   33:56
Rex and Heidi Garret            34:18
Donald Denbo                    40:52
Quinn Rose                      41:37
Jeff Robeson                    42:45
Craig and David Rose            44:55
Bob Foregrove                   45:54
Margie Bone                     48:01
Bob and Pat Reddick             50:12

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