Canoe O' - August 15, 1999

University of Washington

Meet Staff: Rick Hood, Don Atkinson, Harvey Friedman,
Bill Cusworth

There were sunny skies the day before and the day after
COC's annual Canoe-O. Unfortunately, during the event we
had rain. (I think we were the only business the UW Waterfront
Activity Center did that morning.)

We had an interesting and enjoyable format: any 5 controls in
any order for the short course and any 10 controls in any order
for the long course. Each control was marked on the map as
“water access only,” “foot access only” or “either.” This gave
those that didn’t want to rent a canoe the option of doing the
short course, all from land. 

Maybe even more unfortunate than the weather was the fact that
some non-orienteers moved a water/land access control about 100
feet to a land access only. (Our guess is that these individuals
sought some privacy and thought this would give them that. Of
course, they didn’t know of the tenacity of orienteers, so
rather than getting more privacy, they got more activity.)
Because of this fact though, the times really don’t represent
who did the best; thus we are listing all the hardy souls that
competed in the short and long courses and awarding a first place
finish to them all.
Overall, the format was fun and we will try it again. (Thanks to
all those that came, in spite of the weather, and all those that
Long Course — 
Bob and Bobby Seidensticker 
Forgrave Family 
Max Wells and Clan 
Will and Val Enger 
Alex Izzo & Sona Zaveri 
Molly, Madaline, and Dave Enger 
Carol Vierck and team 
Michael Pope and crew 
Bob Kendall
Short Course — 
Dave Petty 
Mike Spero & crew

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