Event Director Checklist

Event Director Checklist For Local Cascade Events (arranged chronologically)

At any time throughout the process, feel free to consult with Event Coordinator for advice, esp. if event directing for first time. Consult the Officers page for names of coordinators.

  • The Checklist is arranged chronologically. At any time throughout the process, feel free to consult with Event Coordinator for advice, especially if you are event directing for first time. Consult the Officers page for names of coordinators.
  • Coordinate with Webmaster: Work with the Webmaster to ensure the meet is advertised accurately. Be sure the date, time (if different from the standard time), and location are correct. Add or update driving directions. If land use permission is pending, have Webmaster mark this on the site, but be sure to inform Webmaster when permission is granted.
  • Will Epunch be used at this event? The Event Coordinator will usually determine this. If epunch will be used, contact the Epunch Coordinator for modifications to the procedures below.
  • Coordinate with Course Setter: This usually involves coordinating the event logistics, such as the locations of the start and finish areas. Also, if there are any land usage concerns, they need to be communicated to the course setter.
  • Obtain List of Event Staff from Volunteer Coordinator: Contact the Volunteer Coordinator two weeks before event to request staff for registration, start/finish, beginner instruction, and epunch issuing if used. Contact staff to coordinate where and when to meet at the event.
  • Obtain Event Supplies from Storage Locker: Obtain the Registration, Start, and Finish boxes, registration forms in Registration box, cash box, punch cards if required, map bags if course setter does not have them, road signs, tables, chairs, pop-up shelters, bag of stakes, water jugs/cups, map boxes, club banner, start/finish banners.
  • Posting of Road Signs: The morning of the event, place road signs to event site in accordance with website driving directions. Road signs are usually hung with rope. Be sure to confirm arrows are pointing in correct direction and that signs are visible.
  • Set up Registration, Start, and Finish Areas: In accordance with course setter's constraints, place tables or assign area for the registration area and the start and finish areas. Start set-up at least 1 hr. before registration opens.
  • Distribute Registration, Start, and Finish boxes to appropriate people. Make sure staff understands its duties, as outlined on separate checklists in boxes.
  • During Event: Coordinate staff and deal with any problems that arise. Pass out Appreciation Coupons to those volunteers who have worked a minimum of 1½ hours. Appreciation Coupons are available from Jim Siscel.
  • At End of Event: Check off on start list or epunch computer list all finishers that have checked in to ensure all orienteers are back safe and sound.
  • Event Clean-up: Ensure all participants, staff, and supplies are accounted for before leaving area. Be sure to pick-up road signs. Take control flags if manual punch meet and extra cups and water with you.
  • Fill Out "After Event Report" Form: Collect appropriate information from course setter, registrar, and timers. Submit one copy to the Event Coordinator and one copy to the Treasurer.
  • Close out cash box: Count the cash. Return to the box what was there to begin with (marked on the lid of the box). Keep the remainder; you will write a personal check for that amount.
  • Return Event Equipment to Storage Locker: Report any missing or damaged items to the Equipment Coordinator.
  • Submit Punch Cards and Timing Sheets (if applicable) to Bearing 315 Editor.
  • Submit New Membership and/or Renewed Membership Forms to Membership Coordinator.
  • Settle Finances: Submit one copy (by mail) of "After Event Report" form to the Treasurer along with expense receipts, registration sheets, checks collected at registration, and a personal check for the cash collected at registration, minus your expenses. Submit invoice for your expenses with receipts attached. All checks should be made out to "COC".

Last update: October 25, 2007

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